Deontay Wilder doesn’t stop looking for excuses for defeat

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Deontay Wilder doesn’t stop looking for excuses for defeat

Deontay Wilder could not come to terms with losing the title, so he was constantly finding excuses for losing to Tyson Fury. There was talk of the overweight suit in which he came to the ring, the injury he did not recover from, the trial, Fury's gloves, and perhaps most of all, Mark Breland.

The 'bronze bomber' has repeatedly criticized the now former coach. Breland resented the fact that in the seventh round of the rematch with Fury he interrupted the match by throwing in towels, he mentioned some conspiracy with the 'Gypsy King' team, and recently accused him of "doing something to him with water" he drank before the match.

Despite numerous criticisms from the former world champion, Breland has received a great deal of support from the martial arts community where you will find many who are disgusted by Wilder’s exaggerated justification for a rather convincing defeat.

Although he suffered numerous attacks mostly in silence, Breland has now gone public and shown how gentleman he is. It must have been very strange for Breland to hear such things about him, and it seemed to hurt him. But he showed his calmness and elegance in his statements

Breland on rumours

"Everyone who really knows me knows that I wouldn't enter into exchanges with people unless it's a meeting in the ring.

I've been boxing since I was eight. Therefore, I'm not someone who has given most of my life to this sport, "I HAVE DEDICATED MY LIFE TO THIS SPORT! But I have never seen the things I see now, in ALL those years," Breland said in a statement.

"I'm on social media just because of my little girl. We went somewhere and there was one photo of me, and she said 'this is one of the reasons why you need social media in times like these.' " "She told me that there are people who appreciate me and that social networks are a way for me to open the way to them.She keeps asking me am I already tired of everything? Do I want to continue living without it? I always say no because the amount of support, the love and gratitude I receive lets me know that all my hard work pays off" Deontay Wilder should think carefully about how he will continue to build his career.

No athlete likes defeats but still accepts them and learns from them to be better in the future. Wilder doesn't seem to want to accept responsibility for his poor results and thus angers more and more UFC fans