Mike Tyson discovered the fascinating doping method he used

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Mike Tyson discovered the fascinating doping method he used

Throughout his career, Mike Tyson has been clean on doping. He had legal problems, lived a debauched life and spent all the money he gained at the peak of his career uncontrollably. But, as far as illicit funds are concerned, he never had a problem with that and he did every match legally.

But now he has revealed that he was not entirely honest on the matter. The guest of his “Hotboxing” podcast was UFC Vice President Jeff Novitzky, currently the most prominent figure in the martial arts world when it comes to combating the use of illicit drugs.

And during that conversation, the topic of using “Whizzinator” came up. It is an artificial genitalia in which it is possible to insert a tube up to a small container of fluid.


As anti-doping agents monitor athletes during testing, to make sure that there is no spillage of previously taken other people's urine, Whizzinator has become a popular method, because it is an extremely high-quality replica.

But everyone was surprised when Tyson intervened within the topic, admitting that he used it. "It was great. I put my baby's urine in it. But I used my wife's urine once and she told me I was hoping I wouldn't turn out pregnant or something.

Then I said we'd only use hers that way. Really I was worried I might turn out pregnant, ”Tyson said with a loud laugh. He did not say where, when or how many times he used the method, but he was asked if he had made sure everything was in order, or if his equipment was the right color.

"I did, I had the right color gear, it was brown. The guy checking on me was a real wicked macho, but he was scared. I took him out and he turned his head and told me to take a glass. That macho guy didn't he didn't even want to look, "he added.

Iron Mike did not reveal why he chose cheating, nor did he use what he feared the test might show him. After that, the topic left and everything remained "in the air" The methods used by today's athletes are interesting and it is fascinating what they are ready to do to succeed.

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest fighters and it is strange that he opted for such strange methods that he has now discovered. However, this should not change the picture of Tyson that he has for many years