Tommy Fury reveals his plans after retiring from boxing

Tommy Fury is crystal clear about what he wants after waving boxing a goodbye.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tommy Fury reveals his plans after retiring from boxing

Tommy Fury started his boxing career professionally in 2018 and has achieved great success in the sport, he last fought against Jake Paul and secured a split-decision win. Tommy is clear about what he wants after retiring from boxing.

Tommy wants to enter the world of films after he’s done with boxing and it will be interesting to see how the profession turns out to be for him. Jake Paul believes Tommy Fury is just a model and should progress in that field, Tommy has gained significant success in every aspect after being introduced to YouTube boxing; Jake Paul played a huge role in giving Tommy a platform and an opportunity to claim the biggest payday of his career.

Tommy Fury’s post-retirement plan

In a recent interview, Tommy Fury said the following about his life after boxing: “My dream is now to do the boxing, get as far as I can in that, then I’d like to get into the films,” Fury said, as quoted by

“I’ve made my mind up. But I think I’ll have an easier way into it, ‘cause I don’t want to do serious acting. I just wanna do horror films”. Tommy is only interested to be featured in horror films, mainly because he loves watching horror; it isn’t an improbable feat to achieve, considering his prior experience on the show love island, modeling and Netflix.

Tommy has a professional record of 9-0 and he is going to fight KSI next on the 14th of October. This could turn out to be his toughest test yet as KSI is a very explosive fighter and has not tasted defeat. Tommy would most likely fight Jake Paul for the rematch after the KSI match.

If Tommy ends up losing against KSI it could badly damage his reputation in the fight world. KSI may retire and focus more on his music career if he ends up winning against Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury