Eddie Hearn believes Terrence Crawford isn’t valued enough


Eddie Hearn believes Terrence Crawford isn’t valued enough
Eddie Hearn believes Terrence Crawford isn’t valued enough

The welterweight champion Terrence Crawford secured the greatest win of his career a few weeks ago and snatched everything away from Errol Spence Jr with the 9th round TKO win. However, Eddie Hearn believes that Terrence Crawford did not get enough appreciation as he should have for securing an enormous win.

Naysayers worldwide blamed Crawford’s win on the difficult weight cut and the severe accidents that Errol Spence Jr went through. Errol Spence Jr should make the most of the rematch opportunity and give his all to reclaim his possessions.

The rematch between Terrence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr could most likely take place this year in December.

Eddie Hearn talks about Terrence Crawford

In a recent interview with the Fight Hub TV, Eddie Hearn shared his honest opinion on Crawford’s recent win and explained why he thinks Crawford didn’t get enough credit.

“I said before; I thought he’d win the fight by stoppage. He’s just an incredible talent,” Hearn said, as quoted by boxing247.com. “I don’t like it when people start saying, ‘Errol Spence looked old, he struggles at the weight, the car crash affected him, the eye retina tear affected him.’ The reality is, and I said in the build-up to that fight, those things will take their toll on you.

“Errol Spence has been making 147. I remember when he made it against Kell Brook. What was that, five years ago, when he first won the title? “He was tired at the weight then. So you can imagine he’s tired at the weight now, and you can’t afford to be anywhere near tight the way against someone as brilliant as Terence Crawford.

Crawford further said: “I just don’t like the way that sometimes Crawford doesn’t get the credit because people are looking for excuses. I figure 154. I think it might be a better weight for Errol Spence, but it won’t be a different result.

“Maybe but he’s coming from 135. He’s just an exceptional fighter, and although Errol Spence has got a great mindset, Terence Crawford is a beast mentally.

Eddie Hearn