Teddy Atlas on Francis Ngannou's 'only chance' vs Tyson Fury

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Teddy Atlas on Francis Ngannou's 'only chance' vs Tyson Fury
Teddy Atlas on Francis Ngannou's 'only chance' vs Tyson Fury

The WBC world champion Tyson Fury will be Francis Ngannou's opponent on October 28 in Saudi Arabia. Many still don't know what that match can bring, and whether Ngannou really has the capacity to face one of the best heavyweights ever.

If we consider his UFC career and punching, it could be said that Ngannou is one of the greatest fighters. However, boxing is a completely different story where it is difficult to predict how the Cameroonian will manage. Hall of Fame trainer Teddy Atlas commented on the fight between Ngannou and Fury, and believes that Ngannou can hardly make great progress in a short time.

“Listen, you have got to be practical, you have got to be real about it,” Atlas said on ESPN’s “DC & RC”. , as quoted by boxingscene.com “What does that mean? that means you’re not going to make him (Ngannou) a better boxer than a guy who’s been boxing since he’s a kid all his life in Tyson Fury, you’re not going to do that.

But I tell you what it doesn’t mean, it doesn’t mean that you don’t teach him fundamentals. You give him basic fundamentals."

Teddy Atlas on Ngannou's chances

Nonetheless, Atlas believes that Ngannou can use some finesse to his advantage, which could ultimately help him to win.

It is going to be a very difficult task, but it will not be impossible. It will be interesting to see whether Ngannou will succeed in what many say is an 'impossible' task. “Why? ‘His only chance is to land a big punch and he’s a big puncher, maybe he can do that!’.

He can’t land the big punch, I don’t care if he punches like freaking Godzilla, it doesn’t matter unless he has a delivery system, enough fundamentals. We’re not fooling ourselves, he ain’t going to get to Fury’s level but enough fundamentals, enough tricks, give him a couple tricks in the bag, to land that big punch”.

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