Nate Diaz 'found' an excuse for losing to Jake Paul

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Nate Diaz 'found' an excuse for losing to Jake Paul
Nate Diaz 'found' an excuse for losing to Jake Paul

Despite being defeated in Saturday's boxing match against Jake Paul, Nate Diaz isn't done with him just yet. As a result of the defeat, Diaz spoke at a press conference after the match and explained the factors that led to his defeat.

In spite of Nate Diaz suffering an injury that lasted for quite some time, he wanted to fight Paul and see if he could win. “I’m not trying to make excuses, but about a month back I was trying to stay big and I hurt my arm a little bit,” Diaz told MMA Junkie.

“It was wearing and tearing on my right arm if I was jabbing or doing stuff. … I think I should’ve kept on the outside and do more stuff. It’s all good. There’s no way I’m not going to show up for a fight for something like that, too.

You’ve got to go regardless. No matter what”.

Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul

Even though Nate Diaz was highly motivated and expected to win, it seems that Jake Paul was a challenging opponent for Nate Diaz. In preparation for an important match, Nate trained hard.

In spite of this, he was not surprised by the readiness and talent of Jake Paul, who has already proven his quality many times in the past. “I know what I was coming for,” Diaz said. “I was coming for a fight with a big, strong, motivated guy trying to take over the world.

Nothing surprised me in this sh*t. … I didn’t think I won. He got the knockdown and stuff, so I figured I won a good amount of rounds”. This boxing match was really great and an indication that Diaz and Paul really know how to make a spectacle. Jake once again silenced the critics and showed that he is a man who can fight with many.

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