Callum Johnson looks forward to coming out of retirement: "I've got bored"


Callum Johnson looks forward to coming out of retirement: "I've got bored"
Callum Johnson looks forward to coming out of retirement: "I've got bored"

The retired light heavyweight boxer Callum Johnson seems to be done with the time spent without competing professionally and now wants to put a full stop to his retirement and make a comeback fight in the cruiserweight division.

The 37 year old professional boxer ended his career in 2021 after successfully defending his WBO global light heavyweight belt against Server Emurlaev. Callum Johnson has a professional record of 20-1 (14 knockouts), and it will be very interesting to see who and when he ends up fighting next.

Since Johnson isn't really comfortable being a light heavyweight, he now wants to enter the cruiserweight division and fight against some big names.

Callum Johnson's thoughts on coming out of retirement

In a recent interview with Sky Sports News, Callum Johnson shared his thoughts on making a comeback in the cruiserweight division and revealed who he is interested in fighting.

"I've got bored of this retirement. I'm going to come back and have a go at cruiserweight, one last roll of the dice," Johnson said, as quoted by "I can't live the rest of my life without having a go. Even if I have one fight when I'm back, I'll be able to live the rest of my life in peace, but I feel I've got two, three, four good fights left in me".

"I've been struggling to make the weight for a long time, If you look at what's happening in the domestic scene, it's like the light heavyweight scene. The cruiserweights now are right up there. I'm not bothered who it's against.

Johnson further said: I'm not stupid, I know I can't just come back and say 'I want to fight him,' because it's not going to work like that and I might never get the opportunity. But I've got to be in it to win it and I want to get back and see what happens." "I know what I can do, I'm not deluded, I've still got it in the gym.

I'm looking at the cruiserweights in Britain and the world stage, like Chris Billam-Smith, and I think I can compete with them. And I think I can beat them".