Mike Tyson believes Jake Paul is going to save boxing: "He got the light"

Mike Tyson shares his thoughts on Jake Paul and his impact on boxing.

by Aryan Lakhani
Mike Tyson believes Jake Paul is going to save boxing: "He got the light"

The boxing legend Mike Tyson has always been a supporter of Jake Paul and the steps he has taken in the world of boxing. Paul has a massive following and brings in a lot of new eyes to the sport; it would be very unfair to discredit and not acknowledge the positive difference Jake Paul has made for boxing.

Paul's success as a professional boxer is nothing less than inspiring; he is definitely skillful, but to reach the top tier so early in his career shows the significance of fame. Jake's first ever career loss recently came up against Tommy Fury; even though it was a bitter pill to swallow, he still 'won' because of the large fortunes he accumulated.

Mike Tyson' thoughts on Jake Paul

Mike Tyson recognizes the large social media following Jake Paul has and how the youth looks up to him. Here's what Mike had to say about Jake Paul: "He's going to save boxing - as long as he continues to fight," Tyson said, as quoted by dailymail.co.uk.

"He got the light, you know what I mean? He's touched. He's got the light". Jake Paul's boxing resume is filled with legends, and he continues to fight against massive names. Paul aspires to be a world champion in the distant future, and he continues to challenge himself; step by step, he will definitely make it there.

Jake Paul expresses frustration

Jake Paul is quite frustrated because of Nate Diaz's lack of engagement in promoting this massive event. It will be interesting to see if there's some form of heated action in the upcoming press conference and weigh-ins.

"Whatever he wants to do," Paul said, as quoted by dailymail.co.uk. "Saturday is his last day of being a fighter. I'm knocking him the **** out, putting him to sleep. He's a *****. He's a bully. "He's not a professional like I am. That's why I'm doing it at the highest level. That's why he needs me to make these fights.'

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