Kenny Porter advises Errol Spence Jr to avoid the rematch with Terrence Crawford

Kenny Porter shares his thoughts on the immediate rematch between Terrence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr.

by Aryan Lakhani
Kenny Porter advises Errol Spence Jr to avoid the rematch with Terrence Crawford

The boxing coach Kenny Porter is firmly against the idea of Terrence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr 2 taking place before the end of the year. Crawford was successful in snatching everything away from Errol Spence Jr with a 9th round TKO victory.

The welterweights are now expected to clash against each other at a different weight class, and they will most likely have their rematch in December. Kenny Porter believes Crawford should have a rematch and give Spence the opportunity he strongly desires, but not this year, however, Spence may have to do it by December due to contractual obligations.

Their recent encounter was nothing less than entertaining, Crawford was noticeably dominating the match, and by the 9th round, the referee thought Spence took enough damage and stopped the match.

Kenny Porter on Errol Spence Jr vs Terrence Crawford 2

Recently in an interview with Fight Hub TV, Kenny Porter shared his honest opinion on the rematch between Errol Spence Jr and Terrence Crawford.

Porter also reflected on Spence’s performance. “Me, personally, I wouldn’t want to see that, but if he decides to go for that and they make that at 154, I know he’s going to do better,” Porter said, as quoted by “He believes in himself, and he’s a warrior, and he believes he can beat Terence, “That opportunity should be there for him if everything is in place in terms of his health.

Porter speaks about Spence’s performance: Definitely not this year. This year, to me, is over with. “He’s down too far on the cards; he doesn’t have the power on the pop on his punches, and he’s not able to hit this guy with anything substantial to change the direction of this fight.

So as each goes on, he’s just taking more and more punishment. So, I would have definitely said, ‘That’s enough, son. We’ve had enough. That’s it; we’re done”.

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