Terrence Crawford finishes Errol Spence Jr in the 9th round

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Terrence Crawford finishes Errol Spence Jr in the 9th round
Terrence Crawford finishes Errol Spence Jr in the 9th round

The much awaited boxing clash between Terrence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr was absolutely spectacular and engaging. Crawford was successful in stopping Spence in the 9th round; however, many would argue that it was right for the referee to step in and stop the match as Spence seemed to have more left in his tank.

Crawford is now the undisputed welterweight champion of the world and has updated his professional record to 40-0 (31 knockouts). On the flip side, Errol Spence Jr faced the first loss of his career and is no longer undefeated; he now has a professional record of 28-1.

As far as domination is concerned, Crawford was ahead and looked more dominant in most of the rounds. After firmly establishing his position at the top, it will be very interesting to see who he decides to fight and defend his belts against next – it will most probably be a rematch between the two.

Terrence Crawford on the win

Terrence Crawford believes that the referee did the right thing by stopping the fight as he (Crawford) was ready to attack Spence Jr with some nasty blows.

"That was more of a flash knockdown," Crawford said, as cbssports.com. "I caught him with the left. Crawford further said: He didn't think I was coming back with the right". "It was a good stoppage, I was on the verge of coming back with some hard shots.

Everybody knows I'm a great finisher. The ref did what he's supposed to do to protect the fighter."

Errol Spence Jr on the rematch

Spence Jr looks forward to the rematch after the gutting loss against Crawford. Here's what Spence Jr said: "Hell yeah we gotta do it again, I'm going to be a lot better.

It's going to be a lot closer. It's probably going to be in December before the end of the year. Hell yeah we gotta do it again. ... Hopefully at 154".

Errol Spence

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