Michael Bisping on Jake Paul's fight offer: He's a coward


Michael Bisping on Jake Paul's fight offer: He's a coward
Michael Bisping on Jake Paul's fight offer: He's a coward

As we know, Michael Bisping is a man who has harshly criticized Jake Paul many times in the past and he has made it clear to us that he does not like Jake Paul. The offer that Bisping received a year or more ago from Paul caused him to be furious.

Despite Michael's desire for a better offer, Paul's team remained silent after that and did not respond to Michael's request for a better offer. “The sooner we shut up and stop talking about the little coward Jake Paul, the better it is.

Jake Paul sent a contract to my management asking me to box him a while ago," Bisping told Betway. “I said ‘yeah sure’ if you up the offer a little bit. And then guess what, we never heard back from him because he's a little p—y and he's picking off smaller guys and non boxers."

Michael Bisping

As Bisping pointed out, Jake Paul selects fighters who are the easiest for him to fight against, and that makes the process very easy.

It is also the opinion of many people that Paul has not encountered a suitable opponent to oppose him, except for Tommy Fury up to this point. As for the future, it will be interesting to see what this Youtuber-boxer has in store for him.

"The one time he fought a boxer, Tommy Fury, he lost. Is he going after the rematch? No. He fights Nate Diaz who is almost 40 and is not a boxer. He can box a little bit, but is a smaller guy that used to fight at 155 pounds”.

Nate Diaz agreed to compete against Jake Paul in the class of 185 pounds (83.91 kg), which is a far higher weight class than the one in which he spent the majority of his career. Jake's choice of opponents has become more and more clear over the course of the past few years of choosing opponents who are physically smaller than him in comparison to him today, which could not be the case if Jake fought Bisping.

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