Wilder believes Furry cheated in his fights

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Wilder believes Furry cheated in his fights

Conspiracy theory, brain madness or the truth, only Deontay Wilder made accusations against his former coach, but also rival Tyson Fury, and even the ring judge, in the last 24 hours. To recapitulate, Fury won with a break in the seventh round after Wilder’s coach threw in the towel as a traditional sign of surrender as his protégé was in a disastrous state but still somehow stood.

It was a rematch in which the American lost the championship belt in the most respected boxing version, the WBC. Almost a year has passed since then, but Wilder, one of the strongest hitters since Mike Tyson, apparently can't reconcile.

Many claims that he even has mental problems because of that, so he coined this conspiracy theory. True or not, judge for yourself. "Silence is gold. But I see and hear! What you don't understand what you have done, my people have suffered for centuries, someone has cheated them to show their greatness to the world," Wilder said in a video to Fury and the public.

Furry cheated

"I saw it in the first fight, when Ricky Hutton took off your glove and put it in the wrong position, you tried the same thing a second time, but you scraped the skin off his bleeding left ear. that new 10-ounce gloves can be in such bad shape, worn out.

I honestly believe you put something hard in the glove, something the size and weight of an egg." "That's why my face is so weirdly swollen, I have a dent left.But you still can't keep the king! After all, you needed a judge and my unfaithful coach to throw in the towel.

I'll pay you back! " And then he blamed him again, which really indicates possible mental problems. "I know you're part of a conspiracy because you know you can't get me honestly. You didn't manage to knock me out, but you were saved by my coach who is part of the conspiracy.

But I'll take revenge on you, prepare the funeral. I'll come spit on your graves!" It seems, however, that the reason for this outage is that Fury is trying to avoid their third match, even though the contract with that clause has been signed.

"What kind of shit is it to fight Carlos Takama and not me !? You gotta be kidding. When you were going through the worst, I told you that if you got through you would get a chance for the title. Since I'm a man of my word, That's how it was."

" When that match ended without a winner, I told you I'd give you a rematch. You know they offered me more money to fight Anthony Joshua. And then I stayed a man of my word. There's a clause in the rematch contract about the rematch of the rematch and now is the time for you to be a man of your word, and not to try to get out of the deal. "