Hrgovic wants to defeat Ryder

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Hrgovic wants to defeat Ryder

A press conference for the event was held in Florida on Thursday, where the best Croatian boxer Filip Hrgović (11-0) will chase his 12th professional victory on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Along with 'El Animal', his rival Rydell Booker (26-3) also appeared on stage and in front of the camera.

The Croatian boxer and American veteran immediately did a confrontation, and their address began with a question for Booker. You have never been stopped, and Hrgović says that he will be the first to succeed? "Everyone talks about everything until they get in the ring.

I know I'm coming to fight and I know Filip. I was his main sparring partner on one occasion in Miami. To be honest, I went to Miami more to party, but this is business now, and definitely, I'm in shape. When we paired up, we both had our moments.

I know what to expect, "Booker answered the first question, as quoted by fightsite In the last couple of fights, you relied more on defense, will it be the same this time? "Definitely not. I changed the whole team, everything I did ...

I don't want it to look like I have no respect for former coaches, but the last one was a strictly defensive fighter, and I'm not like that," the 39-year-old American added.

Sparing matches

Then Hrgović got the floor.

Filip, what do you remember from those sparring matches? "I can say that he is a skilled fighter and that he has good technique. He is skillful and he was good, but one is sparring where there were 2-3 more fighters with him who would go after me before or after him, and the other is a real fight where it's a one-on-one fight.

" How important is not only victory for you but also a break? "Look, we're friends. We had a good time in Miami, but on Saturday we won't be anymore. Then we're friends again from Sunday, but I want to finish him.

He had a good performance against world title challenger Kubrat Pulev. He took a couple of rounds and went all the way to the judge's decision. But I want to send a clear message and stop him in this fight, "Hrgovic said confidently.

When you know that someone is going at you like that, there is usually room for attacks, how do you intend to use that? - The host spoke to Booker again. "I consider myself a world-class boxer and I use my boxing abilities.

In addition, I have a good boxing IQ. I've been boxing for 32 years, even though I look like I'm 25-26. I know how to adjust. I know somewhat what to expect, but I'm "I'm pretty sure he has a good coach at Pedro (Diaz) and he's adapted.

As he said, we're friends and after the fight, everything will be cool between us," Rydell added. Finally, Hrgović's final prognosis: "I can't predict exactly what will happen, in which round he will fall, but I know I will win. That's for sure," he concluded.