Mike Tyson on the boxer that he could never beat

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Mike Tyson on the boxer that he could never beat
Mike Tyson on the boxer that he could never beat

Mike Tyson is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. As one of the most memorable boxers on the boxing scene, Tyson left an indelible mark on the sport. There is no need to talk about his achievements in his life because his career is truly phenomenal.

As a result of one of the conversations, Mike Tyson mentioned that one of the boxers he could never beat was Muhammad Ali. It was a great pleasure for many people when Tyson mentioned the legendary Muhammad Ali during his speech.

There is no doubt that Tyson is a great admirer of Ali's career and his achievements as well. “There’s no man like him [Ali]. There just isn’t. Everything that we have, he supersedes us in, even our arrogance and our ego.

He’s fast, but he doesn’t really have any great quality that you can see aside from his agility and he’s not afraid to let punches fly. He didn’t really have a good defence – his speed was his defence, his moves and stuff.

From a boxing perspective, Ali was a f* animal. He looks more like a model than a fighter, but he’s like a Tyrannosaurus rex with a pretty face. He’s just mean and evil and he’ll take you to deep waters and drown you.

I can’t beat that man, hell f* no! No f* way!”

Muhammed Ali and his influence

The most influential magazines of the late twentieth century, such as The Esquire, the Time and the magazine, all outlined Muhammad Ali as the most influential athlete and character of the late twentieth century.

Even though he died a long ago, some still think that there were no other legends like him, mainly because of the context in which the legend was born, and they will never be like him again.


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