Nate Diaz shares the struggles he faced to gain weight for Jake Paul fight

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Nate Diaz shares the struggles he faced to gain weight for Jake Paul fight
Nate Diaz shares the struggles he faced to gain weight for Jake Paul fight

Nate Diaz had a very difficult time adjusting to his weight gain schedule; the fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is happening at 185 pounds; Diaz is used to fighting at 170 pounds, and interestingly he has also fought at 155 pounds, so this is definitely a lengthy stretch for him.

Regardless of the difficulties faced, Nate Diaz is still making an effort to match up to the level where the problem child Jake Paul is not a problem for him. We are just a few weeks away from witnessing one of the most intense matches of the year; press conferences will happen right before it; hopefully, this time, fans get to see the trash-talking they have been eagerly waiting to see.

Nate Diaz on gaining weight for the fight

Recently on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk Podcast, the former UFC fighter Nate Diaz expressively shared his experience with weight gain and explained how it was filled with struggles.

It will be very interesting to see how well he performs at 185 pounds against Jake Paul in his boxing debut. "I've been eating a lot of food and getting heavier," Diaz said, as quoted by "I did feel [slower] at first when I was eating and trying to get big because I was on a weight gain diet, eating all kinds of stuff to get as big as I could.

Diaz further said: To a certain point I was like 'Dude, I'm lazy and tired and I'm working out like a meathead right now'. "I was lifting weights, bodybuilding and all that stuff. It made me tired and lazy from carrying the extra weight, just made me drowsy.

At a certain point I just eased up on it and created a new plan, then I had a lot more energy and started doing more things. I was eating a lot at first and blowing up as much as I could, now I do a fast for half the day and get down when I get down.

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