Dillian Whyte is not happy with the way he is treated: “I’m still struggling”

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Dillian Whyte is not happy with the way he is treated: “I’m still struggling”
Dillian Whyte is not happy with the way he is treated: “I’m still struggling”

The heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte will be fighting against Anthony Joshua for a rematch on August 12th; Dillian Whyte has been through a series of highs and lows to reach where he is now and is disheartened with the way he is being treated in the boxing world.

Shockingly, Dillian Whyte believes that even a victory won’t be enough for him to get the respect he deserves. On a brighter note, this is a massive opportunity for him to show the world what he’s worth; Whyte also has a chance to avenge his bitter loss and get redemption.

And who knows a comprehensive win might just be enough to flip his career around and get the recognition and respect he desires.

Dillian Whyte on being respected

Recently in an interview with BBC 5 Boxing, Dillian Whyte expressed the thoughts running around in his mind regarding not being treated well enough in the world of boxing and explained how a win against Anthony Joshua won’t make much of a difference in what the world thinks of him.

“I’m used to ups and downs in my life,” Whyte said, as quoted by boxingscene.com. “Obviously, it’s a shame being one of the top fighters in the world, I’m still struggling like I was [earlier in my career].

It’s the same. “It’s been tough. I haven’t been treated the way I should’ve been treated and getting the right respect. It’s life, man. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I must be a lemonade master by now”.

Whyte further said: “I’m a happy soul, anyway, even if I beat AJ, I’m still not going to get the respect I deserve. If I beat him, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh, he was diminished. He was losing his mind. He was this, he was that.’ There’s going to be some nonsense being said”.

Dillian Whyte

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