Jorge Masvidal is ready to fight Ben Askren for a rematch

Jorge Masvidal shows his interest in entering the world of boxing and interestingly, he wants to fight Ben Askren for the rematch in the boxing ring.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal is ready to fight Ben Askren for a rematch

The former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal recently shared his admiration for the sport of boxing and shockingly revealed that he is open to giving Ben Askren a rematch after their explosive first encounter. Jorge Masvidal holds the record of scoring the fastest knockout in the history of the UFC; one knee kick is all that took Masvidal to put Askren to sleep.

Jorge Masvidal suggested that he would like to be a part of the rematch inside the boxing ring, and it will be interesting to see how Ben Askren responds to his call out. A boxing match between Jorge Mavidal and Ben Askren would not only be super-entertaining, but it would also be of massive success from a business standpoint.

Ben Askren has experience with boxing, but the experience wasn’t something to be proud of – it was against Jake Paul where Askren embarrassingly got knocked out in the very first round.

Jorge Masvidal on fighting Ben Askren

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Jorge Masvidal shared his thoughts on boxing Ben Askren and challenged him to show up.

Masvidal also talks about fighting Nate Diaz. “I always loved boxing. I always wanted to do some boxing matches,” Masvidal said, as quoted by “Yeah, I could do it back for a boxing match. I heard Ben Askren say he would come out of retirement to fight me… He wanted MMA, but, for his sake, I’d do boxing so I can’t knee him in the face, it’s illegal.

Hey Ben, I’ll beat you *** with both hands behind my back”. “I’ll only give you the rematch in boxing, People will tune in because I can’t knee him in the face. Maybe Ben can get his way now. Hey Ben, kiss my ***, you coming out of retirement, I’ll send you right back”.

Masvidal further said: “I don’t plan on fighting anybody anytime soon, but maybe in like a boxing match, I’d come out and just smack Nate [Diaz] up later on in life or something if he can get by Jake [Paul] or something.

Smack him up real quick, maybe me and Jake, I don’t know man. As of right now, I’m just doing promoting”.

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