John Fury on the reasons for Tommy Fury and Frank Warren's split

"Why pay people who are doing nothing for you"

by Sead Dedovic
John Fury on the reasons for Tommy Fury and Frank Warren's split

John Fury surprised everyone when he confirmed a few days ago that his younger son, Tommy, and promoter Frank Warren had parted ways. Warren did not live up to expectations. John and his son expected much more from Frank who was making huge money from them.

Warren has not been able to find the right match for Tommy in the last few months. Obviously, that was the main reason for the ending of the story. "Because we don't need them. Why pay people who are doing nothing for you. Frank Warren did nothing for Tommy, did he? Late on, he couldn't get him a fight." Warren told John that there wasn't much he could do about his son's next opponent.

John was obviously furious about it. "And he said to me that I can't do much, so I said, okay, then, no problem. I'm just cutting out people getting money for nothing. Because that's what they was doing. They were getting money for nothing."

John Fury: I can do the business

John is self-confident and believes that he can do the job himself.

Warren was taking huge money. In such a situation, of course, you will think about what is best for you. "We don't need them. I can do the business. Me and Robert, our lawyer, we don't need people like him (Frank). Why pay men not doing nothing for you?" 18 months is too long a period for a boxer like Tommy Fury to wait for his opponent.

He is young, ready, and wants a new fight as soon as possible. Warren couldn't provide him with that. "If he was bringing stuff Tommy's table, which I'm not saying he didn't in the past, he'd done a good job for the first six or seven fights.

But all of a sudden, you go in 18 months without a fight."


Tommy Fury