Otto Wallin Gives His Take on Tyson Fury's Negotiation Troubles

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Otto Wallin Gives His Take on Tyson Fury's Negotiation Troubles
Otto Wallin Gives His Take on Tyson Fury's Negotiation Troubles

Few fighters have given heavyweight champion Tyson Fury a run for his money quite like Otto Wallin, the Swedish heavyweight who nearly unhinged Fury in their face-off back in September 2019. Wallin, now sporting a record of 25 wins, a single defeat, and a no contest, has emerged from his corner to weigh in on Fury's ongoing negotiation stalemate.

Earlier this year, Fury was embroiled in extensive talks with Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk. The two titans, who held the distinction of being the world's premier heavyweights at the end of April, were expected to battle for the undisputed world champion title in the heavyweight division.

Regrettably, this dream match was not to be, as the negotiations reached a standstill. While Fury's camp points fingers at Usyk, the majority of the boxing fraternity views Fury - nicknamed the Gypsy King - as the more obstinate party.

Wallin shared his thoughts with Rekatochklart on the crumbling negotiations, "Now, I’m not involved in these negotiations that he’s dealing with, of course, but if you look from the outside, it seems like Fury is playing around too much and making everything more difficult.

He contradicts himself all the time on Instagram and in interviews."

Wallin Questions Fury's Commitment to Defend His Title

The Swedish powerhouse also voiced concern over Fury's apparent lack of commitment to his title, stating, "To me, it seems like Fury is the one who’s the problem.

Usyk, whom he was supposed to face, already has a match; he’s going to fight Danny Dubois in August. Fury still hasn’t boxed – he fought against Derek Chisora in December, he could have easily had at least one fight already and defended his title.

But he hasn’t." Wallin also expressed skepticism over Fury's claim that he's made repeated attempts to set up matches, but other fighters refuse to go toe-to-toe with him. Wallin dismissed these assertions, stating, "I don’t think anyone believes him when he says that.

He seems very difficult to work with if I’m being honest. I think he’s the one throwing a spanner in the works for himself."

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