Otto Wallin: Tyson Fury is the main problem during negotiations

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Otto Wallin: Tyson Fury is the main problem during negotiations
Otto Wallin: Tyson Fury is the main problem during negotiations

Otto Wallin, Tyson Fury's former opponent whom he caused huge problems, commented on the British decision regarding the arrangement of the fight. Although Fury often says in the media that many boxers rejected him, Wallin believes that it is Fury who is the main problem.

He seems like a difficult negotiator and someone who is difficult to work with. "Now, I'm not involved in these negotiations that he's dealing with, of course, but if you look from the outside, it seems like Fury is playing around too much and making everything more difficult," Wallin said.

“He (Fury) is surely difficult to work with; he contradicts himself all the time on Instagram and in interviews. To me, it seems like Fury is the one who's the problem. Usyk, whom he was supposed to face, already has a match; he's going to fight Danny Dubois in August.

Fury still hasn't boxed – he fought against Derek Chisora in December, he could have easily had at least one fight already and defended his title." Wallin does not believe Fury's statements. “But he hasn’t.

He keeps saying that he has tried to set up fights with everyone, but no one wants to fight him. I don’t think anyone believes him when he says that. He seems very difficult to work with if I’m being honest. I think he’s the one throwing a spanner in the works for himself”.

Otto Wallin wants a rematch

Wallin would like to have a rematch with him, but he is sure that it will be difficult. Considering the problems he created for him, many believe that a match between the two would be really great.

However, such an option seems unrealistic, and Fury will think about the options available to him. There are many names in the game, and there are many who want to be in the ring with him, but nothing changes about it.
“With Fury it’s different.

He’s in a position where there’s only one like him. There are a lot of fighters in my position. As long as he isn’t forced to take certain fights, it will be difficult to get a rematch against him planned. I really want to, but he can choose whoever he wants.

He’ll pick fights where he can make the most money with as low risk as possible. That could be fighting against the likes of Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou," Wallin said. Source: Boxing Scene

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