Zhilei Zhang wants another victory against Joe Joyce: Tyson Fury next wish

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Zhilei Zhang wants another victory against Joe Joyce: Tyson Fury next wish
Zhilei Zhang wants another victory against Joe Joyce: Tyson Fury next wish

September 23 at Wembley Arena in London will be a great opportunity for Zhilei Zhang to confirm his qualities in the match against Joe Joyce. The Chinese managed to win the previous fight, although few expected such an outcome.

In an interview with the media, Zhang confirmed that he is equally motivated to win again. The biggest motive for this is the criticism of Chinese boxers and the prejudices that have prevailed for years. Zhang wants to deny such things and show that the Chinese have a heavyweight who is ready to do great things.

"Last time I made history, the best inheritance of history is to create new history," Zhang said. "Creating a new history of the Chinese in the field of boxing is my mission and my original intention. People always think Chinese boxing can't produce heavyweight boxers, and Chinese boxing can't compete with European and American boxing.

I don't agree. I believe Chinese boxing will definitely occupy the most central position on the international stage”. Zhang is ready to achieve one more victory, and after that, he wants to find himself in the ring with Tyson Fury.

"We don't have a long-term plan at the moment, our focus is still the battle with Joyce. After Joyce, fighting with Tyson Fury would be my next target,” Zhang said.

Joe Joyce on the fight

Joyce took his first career defeat hard.

He used the time after the fight to understand where he had made a mistake. This time he wants to show that his record is not a coincidence. "I'm coming back to take back what's mine," Joyce said. "September 23 I am leaving everything in that ring.

No compromises. No underestimating my opponent. Nothing but a win. "Last time out I lost my undefeated professional record. It was hard to take. But after the dust settled, all that will do is make me better. I've learned lessons. I'm ready.

And I am coming for everything”.

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