Jarrell Miller Ready to Annihilate Anthony Joshua in Long-Awaited Grudge Match

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Jarrell Miller Ready to Annihilate Anthony Joshua in Long-Awaited Grudge Match
Jarrell Miller Ready to Annihilate Anthony Joshua in Long-Awaited Grudge Match

As the dust of previous fights settles, the stage for heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua's next battle is yet to be set. Despite the anticipation building up among his legion of fans, Joshua is yet to confirm his adversary for the eagerly anticipated summer bout.

With a multitude of options on the table, a rematch with Dillian Whyte seems to be the most likely outcome.

Gauging the Opposition

Coming off a recent victory against Franklin, Joshua is on the hunt for another matchup that is lighter in weight, serving as a strategic stepping stone towards a heavier bout in the twelfth month of the year.

While the original plan was to face Wilder in this end-of-the-year match, the summer fight could potentially pit Joshua against Whyte or a similarly ranked contender. The specifics of the negotiation process between Joshua and Whyte remain undisclosed.

Nonetheless, the possibility of a rematch between the two stands out as a likely prospect, given their history in the ring.

Miller's Callout: A Curveball in Joshua's Plans?

However, the plot thickens with Jarrell Miller's unabashed eagerness to step into the ring against Joshua.

Offering to stand in for Whyte in the upcoming summer match, Miller seems ready to bring the heat. "I'll annihilate him! Retire him! Send him back packing - plain and simple. I'm not playing no games with nobody," Miller candidly expressed to Stamina For Sale.

This self-confidence stems from what he terms as 'bad blood' in a boxing sense, assuring fans that his prospective match with Joshua would make for great entertainment. His no-nonsense approach extends beyond the ring. "It's nothing personal, I just don't care for him, but when I see you on my radar, I don't like you.

I want to rip your guts out and nothing [is] going to change that," he declared. "I'm not going anywhere for a while, I'm back, I'm here to stay and I'm coming with vengeance."

A Grudge Match in the Making?

Interestingly, Joshua and Miller were initially slated to fight in 2019, while Joshua was still champion.

However, a failed doping test resulted in Miller's suspension, and the match never materialized. Now, with Miller reinstated and seemingly ready for high-profile clashes, whether he gets his much-desired fight against Joshua remains uncertain.

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