Eddie Hearn: Francis Ngannou will fight against Derek Chisora

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Eddie Hearn: Francis Ngannou will fight against Derek Chisora
Eddie Hearn: Francis Ngannou will fight against Derek Chisora

In the past, Francis Ngannou has often stated that he would like to hold a boxing match, and this was one of the reasons as to why he left the UFC. Despite the fans' expectations that Ngannou would hold a match with some of the biggest stars from the boxing scene, it seems that his plans are not the same as what they had hoped.

According to Eddie Hearn, in a press conference, Ngannou may have a match against Derek Chisora, even though he is not confirmed yet. As of now, there are already rumors circulating about such a match, which will certainly attract a great deal of attention from the media.

In addition to Hearn, the rest of the boxing fans are also excited about this one, as both fighters have a lot to offer. "I know there is talk of a match between him and Derek Chisora. There are a lot of rumors that the third fight of that night in the twelfth month will be Ngannou vs.

Chisora. I actually like that fight because I just don't see Francis being competitive against Joshua or Fury. I think that's what the Saudis want," Hearn said on "The MMA Hour."

Francis Ngannou's radar

A potential opponent has been on Francis Ngannou's radar for quite some time now.

There were a number of big names who turned him down, so Chisora was obviously one of his last options. Among the opponents mentioned, Wilder was viewed as one of the most interesting, and it appeared that the match might soon be agreed upon.

Despite this, Wilder's team stated that they were not planning to challenge Ngannou in any way in the near future. There is a great opportunity for Francis Ngannou to showcase the great boxing skills he possesses in this fight.

If he is as good as the UFC, we can safely say that he will put on a real spectacle and attract the interest of big names. That will be his ticket for more important and better matches. Let's wait and see if Ngannou can really beat Chisora.

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