Dillian Whyte angry at Eddie Hearn: He lied about everything

"They’re talking rubbish. I haven’t turned down the fight"

by Sead Dedovic
Dillian Whyte angry at Eddie Hearn: He lied about everything

Eddie Hearn confirmed a few days ago that there will be no fight between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, considering that Whyte's team was asking for much more money. However, it did not take long for the reaction of Whyte, who denied such a thing.

Dillian confirmed that he has written many times to Hearn who has not responded. He believes that such things are unnecessary on the boxing scene. "They’re talking rubbish. I haven’t turned down the fight. All I got, after Eddie talked publicly and often about making me an offer to fight AJ, was a very short email late in the evening on Friday 2 June," Whyte told Wally Downes of The Sun, as quoted by boxingscene.com "I absolutely 100 percent want to fight AJ and called Eddie to discuss the offer but couldn’t get hold of him.

I messaged him too. I didn’t hear back from him so I sent him an email to confirm I wanted the fight. I didn’t turn down the offer or propose a counter-offer. All I did was ask normal questions on his three-line email so-called offer.

Even before I emailed, Eddie was already saying publicly that his offer was unacceptable. So, why make it in the first place? It is out of order to use me to boost AJ’s value in negotiations for the Wilder fight, without any intention to fight me.

Heavyweight boxing is in an absolute mess at the moment and b* like this doesn’t help."

Dillian Whyte: There hasn’t been a single conversation with me

Whyte doesn't understand many things about Hearn. He is quite disappointed by Eddie's statements, considering that there is a little truth in everything.

Dillain Whyte seems ready to accept the fight, but it's clear that he won't let things be 100% the way Hearn wants. "Eddie has rightfully been talking about it being a stadium-filling blockbuster for years and I have chased this fight for eight years.

So I asked him why he would host the event at the O2 in the middle of August when most people are on holiday. He didn’t respond to my email or get in touch but carried on talking about 'negotiations' that simply weren’t happening and still haven’t happened," Whyte said.

"There hasn’t been a single conversation with me, my lawyer or any of my team. I chased him with a follow-up email on June 13, to tell him that the offer didn’t feel real and that AJ obviously didn’t want the fight and was going to wait for his Saudi payday in December.

I then did an interview with Sky on June 15 after which I got a short and weird response from Eddie saying that the numbers don’t work and that we should look at alternative options. Let’s be very clear here, I told him I wanted the fight, I didn’t turn it down and I didn’t price myself out and in fact have not had a single discussion about it with Matchroom since the 'offer' and I didn’t make any demands."

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