Eddie Hearn: Anthony Joshua will not fight in the summer

“Saudi don’t want us to fight. We want to fight"

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Hearn: Anthony Joshua will not fight in the summer

Many are wondering what Anthony Joshua's plans are and whether he will really hold the fight in August. The Dillian Whyte option is no longer realistic, given the impossibility of an agreement. Eddie Hearn must think about other options or forget about the fight in August.

In an interview with the media, Eddie confirmed there is a high chance that there will be no fight in August, although his team would like it. “By the way, we may not fight (in the summer),” Hearn said, as quoted by boxingscene.com “Saudi don’t want us to fight.

We want to fight. We want Anthony Joshua to fight. It’s in the best interest in his development under Derrick James, to his career, to fight. That is the plan. We will do everything we can for him to fight on August 12th”.

Although Jarrell Miller was mentioned as an option, Eddie Hearn denied that there will be a fight between Miller and Joshua. “I mean, it’s not a fight we are looking at,” Hearn said. “It’s not a fight that we’ve been offered.

It’s not a fight we’re discussing. It’s not going to be Jarrell Miller on August 12th”.

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn still doesn't know if there will be a fight with Whyte. He emphasized that Whyte will not have many options during the summer and that Joshua seems like a realistic option.

“We’ve done every Dillian Whyte fight for the last seven years, other than the Tyson Fury fight. But Dillian can explore any fight that he wants. He’s not in a difficult position but there’s a lot of posturing, isn’t there? He can’t fight Tyson Fury, he’s not going to fight Usyk, he’s not going to fight AJ, so we have to make a compelling fight for Dillian Whyte and he wants a compelling fight, by the way.

He boxed Jermaine Franklin last time. It’s ‘who is that guy?’ [Daniel] Dubois is fighting Usyk, [Joe] Joyce is rematching [Zhilei] Zhang. There’s been talk of [Derek] Chisora-Whyte III, that’s not with us, but I guess that could find a home somewhere. But Dillian needs to get back in the ring. If that’s with us we’d love that”.

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