Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian Whyte Bout Canceled, Fans Left Disheartened


Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian Whyte Bout Canceled, Fans Left Disheartened
Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian Whyte Bout Canceled, Fans Left Disheartened

One of the most anticipated events in boxing this year was the announced clash between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. Promoter Eddie Hearn had confidently declared that the match was targeted for August 12th, stirring fans' excitement across the globe.

However, skepticism surfaced amid Whyte's recent comments questioning the commitment towards the fight. Speaking candidly to Sky Sports, Whyte voiced his doubts: “It’s a big fight, it’s eight weeks away and there’s no communication, nothing.

Just nothing. Nothing at all. They’re just wasting time messing about." His sentiment carried an air of déjà vu, as he felt the same uncertainty which had stalled his matchup with Joshua in the past. The anticipated match was laced with complexities, Whyte pointed out.

He said, "These big fights take time. There’s lots of things that go on, there’s lots of small print and this team want that and that team want this." His belief was that the match should have been cemented a month following the Franklin fight.

A Turn of Events: The Search for a New Contender

Expectations were high for a resolution following Whyte's public outburst. An announcement did come, but it was a disappointing revelation for fans who had been eagerly anticipating the match.

As it turns out, the sequel to the 2015 match, which saw Joshua claim victory with a seventh-round knockout, would not take place after all. In an interview with Boxing Social, Eddie Hearn revealed that Dillian Whyte would not be facing off against Anthony Joshua.

Nevertheless, Joshua remains hopeful for an August 12th match. As such, the search for a new contender is underway, and Hearn dropped the name of Agita Kabayel as a potential opponent. The promoter also debunked rumors that Whyte had demanded a £10 million payout for the fight against Joshua.

Enter Agit Kabayel: A New Challenger Rises

Agit Kabayel, a German boxer of Kurdish descent with an unblemished record (23-0), is the new name under consideration.

His latest victory was over Croatian heavyweight Agron Smakići, achieved via a third-round knockout. With this triumph, Kabayel secured the title of European champion (EBU), marking Joshua as potentially the most formidable adversary he would face in his career.

Whether it will be Kabayel stepping into the ring against Joshua or another heavyweight remains a question unanswered. The clock is ticking down to August 12th, and all eyes are on Joshua and his camp as they prepare for the imminent match. Regardless of who the final opponent will be, boxing fans worldwide eagerly await the sound of the opening bell.

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