UFC Champ Jon Jones Ready to Box Tyson Fury

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UFC Champ Jon Jones Ready to Box Tyson Fury
UFC Champ Jon Jones Ready to Box Tyson Fury

In a surprising turn of events, legendary heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and UFC titan Jon Jones might face each other in a cross-combat showdown. A battle between the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing is on the cards, stirring the anticipation of fight fans worldwide.

Jones Welcomes the Fight

Jones is more than just eager to lock horns with the "Gypsy King" Fury. The UFC heavyweight champion was quoted during a red carpet event at Flanker Kitchen + Sports Bar in Las Vegas, expressing his willingness to step into the boxing ring, where Fury has reigned supreme.

"I would love it if Dana could make that fight happen," Jones said, acknowledging UFC's knack for delivering thrilling contests to its fans. "Tyson Fury is just such a magnificent opponent, and it would be awesome to make that fight happen.

I’m up for it, and I’d even be willing to box him. Let’s see what happens”.

The audacious move by Jones to face Fury in a boxing match - a style he is less familiar with - illustrates his confidence and competitive spirit.

Meanwhile, Fury himself has previously flirted with the idea of crossing over to MMA, even challenging ex-UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Roadblocks and Anticipation

However, the much-anticipated fight faces several roadblocks.

Ngannou becoming a free agent with the option of signing a boxing contract resulted in a stalemate rather than a showdown. Also, UFC president Dana White's efforts to stage the bout have yet to bear fruit. Fury, initially expected to face Oleksandr Usyk in a title unification match, saw the bout fall through due to unsuccessful negotiations.

On the other hand, rumors have been swirling about Jones facing former champion Stipe Miocic at Madison Square Garden in New York this November, but no official announcement has been made. Jones, who seized the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 285 with a commanding performance against Cyril Gane, faced a contractual dispute seeking a salary more in line with that of a boxing superstar like Fury. This dispute resulted in his sacking from the UFC, marking his move from the light heavyweight division.

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