Oleksandr Usyk and Derek Chisora hugged at the press conference

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Oleksandr Usyk and Derek Chisora hugged at the press conference

Boxing fans are looking forward to Saturday, October 31, when Oleksandr Usyk and Dereck Chisora ​​will enter the ring, after a few months of exciting announcements and statements. Some of the latter happened at a very entertaining press conference held by Matchroom Boxing yesterday.

From the very beginning, it was clear that this would not be an ordinary press conference, since Chisora, known as a boxer who likes to "boil" the whole story a bit in situations like this, asked Usyk for a hug.

What caught the eye of many during the conference was Usyk, who wrote something on paper throughout almost the entire duration of the conference. When finally asked what it was about, he gave an interesting answer: "My team gave me math assignments to solve during the week as part of training.

I didn't finish one of them and this seemed like the perfect time for that." As for the match, Usyk said some interesting facts and his own thoughts. "I don't know why everyone talks about my heavyweight testing, when heavyweights test me all my life.

When I fought in WBSS, I was a heavyweight. People then tried to hit me and hurt me, they didn't succeed." "That's why I think this the match will not be a war but pure boxing. Of course, he will try to seriously endanger me, but I will certainly not stand in front of him and allow him to do that, "Usyk said.

Dirty talk

He reminded once again, as a sentence he had repeated several times, that an elephant would be the king of the jungle, not a lion, to be seen by its size. By doing so, of course, he compared the elephant to Chisor, while putting himself in the lion's place.

Chisora ​​replied that the elephant would be the king of the jungle if the lions did not always come in a group, to which Usyk made the audience laugh with the following statement: "I don't know what you're talking about.

The elephant is a friend of the mouse." As for Chisora, he knows what kind of match is in front of him and he will do his best to present himself in the best possible light and to bring Usyka into a boxing style that suits him, but one that would surely cheer up the fans as well.

"I'm excited about the match. He's a great boxer and I'm actually a big fan of him. Many tell me I hold the keys to the world of the rich and famous. If so, I'm glad I have the honor and will make sure he doesn't make it through."

"I will bring everything I have to the ring and leave it there.I need to hit it, I know it will feel it very much.And there is nowhere to hide from such a blow.All I ask is an honest judge and a trial.And then I am ready to really surprise people with which I will provide in the ring, ”Dereck said. You can see the complete press conference and the confrontation held after it below.