Tyson Fury Takes Aim at Oleksandr Usyk Over Purse Split Dispute

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Tyson Fury Takes Aim at Oleksandr Usyk Over Purse Split Dispute
Tyson Fury Takes Aim at Oleksandr Usyk Over Purse Split Dispute

In the world of heavyweight boxing, reigning champion Tyson Fury has taken another verbal swing at his rival, Oleksandr Usyk. Fury firmly reiterated his stance on the controversial 70-30 purse split issue, asserting that it would be a fair deal for both fighters.

The Briton suggested that Usyk should have received £13 million for their highly anticipated fight for the undisputed heavyweight title. However, the Ukrainian contender and his team decided against the fight, with Fury claiming Usyk chose instead to earn significantly less—around £4.8 million—for a mandatory challenge against Daniel Dubois for his WBA title.

Broken Agreements and Unfulfilled Promises

The pair had seemingly agreed on terms for what would have been the first undisputed heavyweight title fight in the four-belt era earlier this year, with the bout slated for April 29.

However, the agreement fell apart due to disagreements over the rematch clause, resulting in the cancellation of the much-anticipated event. Fury, known for his unabashed bravado, didn't shy away from expressing his frustration with the terms.

He justified the proposed purse split on the grounds that his team was hosting the fight, and that he was the far bigger star of the two, despite holding only one belt compared to Usyk's three.

A War of Words on Social Media

Unleashing a tirade against Usyk on Instagram, Fury said, "Fact is he is a b**** a** p**** boy.

Ran from £13 million and now taking $6 million [around £4.8 million]. Joker." Fury's sentiments were echoed by Sahni on Twitter, who wrote, "Usyk v Dubois winning purse bid - $8m (3 belts on the line) Fury v Whyte winning purse bid - $42m (1 belt on the line).

If ever there was a demonstration into the value of the belts in a negotiation with a superstar, it’s here. It’s about how much of a draw you are." In a sharp rebuttal, Fury retorted that a 70-30 split of a pot for a fight in the UK between him and Usyk was more than generous to the Ukrainian.

The "Gypsy King" didn't mince his words, saying, "The fact is he's a little pi****. He got away with £13m and now he's taking $6m [about £4.8m]. Ridiculous." The tension between Fury and Usyk is palpable, and fans worldwide wait with bated breath for a resolution.

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