Oleksandr Usyk has no plans to give up boxing

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Oleksandr Usyk has no plans to give up boxing

All boxing fans are looking forward to Saturday night and Oleksandr Usyk’s match against Dereck Chisora. It has been awaited almost since the beginning of the year and now it is finally time for that duel. Special attention will be paid to Usyk, who successfully debuted in the heavyweight category in October last year, after previously clearing the lightweight (cruiser) category.

Chazz Witherspoon did not offer him real resistance, but Dereck Chisora ​​should definitely do so at the expense of strength and experience. Usyku, who is a big worker, missed the matches, but he was in training all the time and is looking forward to showing what he knows and can do.

And he intends to do that as long as boxing is a pleasure for him. He says it currently seems like it will take time. "I love boxing and I don't need a break from it. I have a wife and three kids, it's all enough to keep me busy all the time.

I like spending time with family, but in training camp I seem even more relaxed." "And as long as I'm motivated to get up in 5 am and training, I will be boxing. The moment I find it hard to get out of bed, I will start thinking about the end of my boxing career and the beginning of my career in Hollywood, "The Sun quoted Usyk as saying.

He is returning to London for this match, fighting for the first time in the British capital after winning Olympic gold there in 2012. The match against Chisora ​​is very important to him because he is just another step towards recognizing the best physical performance to perform in the royal category, before embarking on exams worthy of championship belts.

Words of praise for Chisora

Because Usyk is definitely looking at Fury and Joshua and they are fighting against one of them hopes as early as next year. "Since I've been heavy, I feel like I have more strength. I have extra weight on my body and while training I don't feel as flexible and sharp as before, but I think it's up to hard work.

Chisora ​​is a great guy and hits hard." "But precisely because of that I love boxing so much I will be in the best possible edition, which I got to training. My team and I will choose my optimal weight at which I will then stay and which will be ideal for my movement, because that is my main skill ", he explained how he adapts to the heavy category.

Chisora ​​has announced to provide Usyk with the toughest match of his career, a match after which he will know he is at war. The Ukrainian, on the other hand, has to implement his style and dominate the British boxer without receiving any serious damage, and analysts are convinced that he will do just that. It is up to us to follow up and see what will actually happen.