Lawrence Okolie on the challenge ahead: Chris Billam-Smith

"The way Chris fights, he's always all action"- Okolie said

by Sead Dedovic
Lawrence Okolie on the challenge ahead: Chris Billam-Smith

Lawrence Okolie wants to retain the WBO cruiserweight title in a match against Chris Billam-Smith, which will take place on May 27 at the Vitality stadium in Bournemouth. Okolie is aware of the kind of support Chris will have, and real hell awaits him in Bournemouth.

However, Okolie believes in himself and his abilities, and we will see what he will prepare for us. "The way Chris fights, he's always all action. He comes to throw a lot of punches, put a lot of pressure on where he's the home fighter, he's going to have 15,000 people screaming for him, hoping that he can dethrone me," Okolie told Sky Sports.

"So I'm going to have to be devastating and he's going to make it very easy for me." He gave his best to prepare for such an important match. "It's always good to keep active," -Okolie said. "Momentum's a massive thing in boxing.

"I had a long time out the ring, managed to get in, get 12 rounds, shake off a lot of ringrust and get back into training camp. So very soon after I get another opportunity to push myself." Lawrence Okolie expects the best version of his opponent who is motivated like never before.

Lawrence will have to prepare well and know how to enter this match. Both are great boxers from whom we can expect a lot on Saturday. "It's only tough if you're expecting one thing and something else comes," -he said. "So I've detached myself from the sparring, detached myself from everything that I've known of him and I just expect a brutal, devastating, fit, fast, strong Chris Billam-Smith and it's up to me to be the best version of myself and dominate."

Lawrence Okolie on his opponent

Okolie understood his opponent as someone who wants to take something from him.

"I've got my own ambitions, my own stuff, unifications, moving up to heavyweight. I've got someone here who wants to take that away from me and fulfil his own dreams. But unfortunately none of his dreams are going to be built on my nightmares. I'm going to devastate him."