Andy Ruiz victim of a hacker attack: Details revealed!

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Andy Ruiz victim of a hacker attack: Details revealed!
Andy Ruiz victim of a hacker attack: Details revealed! (Provided by Sport World News)

There was an attack on the Twitter account of Andy Ruiz yesterday, which was the result of a hacker attack. Following the attack, Ruiz was the subject of serious allegations that were made against him. There are several photos and videos on Ruiz's account that have been posted by the person who accessed his account.

The post reads as follows: "I want to share with you what my life looks like outside the training camp. I like to drink codeine (a pain reliever but also a psychoactive drug) and smoke weed daily. I also like visiting prostitutes.

After that, I attend meetings where I clean my blood to make sure that I will be clean when VADA visits my training camp. ''-someone wrote, but the post was soon deleted.

Andy Ruiz reacted

It didn't take long for the reaction of Andy Ruiz, who obviously knows who is the main culprit in this story.

Ruiz confirmed that none of that was true, and that someone tried to destroy his career. "My Twitter was hacked by a bi**h I know. She is simply angry. She is angry because I am happy and because I am with my girlfriend. But I didn't publish any of that.

It is an evil person who is trying to attach all these things to me. She wants to destroy my career, and you can never do that. God has bigger plans for me than fighting with that girl. I don't like it when people try to vilify me and make people hate me because I supposedly did something.

That's nonsense,'' said Andy Ruiz. It is still unknown who the person is who decided to do such a thing, and we have no doubt that more details will be known in the coming days. Ruiz is frustrated by this and we'll see if he reacts in other ways; such as filing charges.