KSI wants a fight with Tommy Fury: Jake Paul doesn't interest him anymore

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KSI wants a fight with Tommy Fury: Jake Paul doesn't interest him anymore
KSI wants a fight with Tommy Fury: Jake Paul doesn't interest him anymore

The YouTube boxer KSI is not interested in listening to Jake Paul and the fact that he does not want to fight right now. KSI has put his focus on Tommy Fury and wants such a fight, given that Paul seems uninterested. "My focus is now Tommy," he said to Mirror.

"Because I know I won't be able to directly get to Jake, he's doing a runner. He doesn't want it, he was being like 'yeah, yeah I want to fight KSI' but when it came to actually doing it he doesn't want any part of it. So I'm glad his fanbase, my fans, the general public know that he's full of s***." Although many underestimate KSI and think he has no chance against Tommy, he disagrees with them.

"Everyone sees him as a guy that's going to destroy me," KSI said of Fury. "I have no chance. I love that. For me, I know it's going to make me a better boxer, better fighter and better person in general. So once I get in the ring and show the world that Tommy Fury ain't s***, then what?"

KSI on Jake Paul demands

Jake Paul has various excuses that KSI doesn't want to hear anymore.

His goal is to reach an agreement as soon as possible and to show his potential in the best way. "With him he's always trying to change the goalposts. He's trying to be like 'we'll fight in the UK, actually I don't want to fight in the UK any more'

Then he does 'it has to be signed by the British Boxing Board of Control, actually I don't want to do that any more' It's constantly just that he moves the goalposts. I'm there, ready, I want to fight but he just doesn't want it so I've been saying it for time that I want to fight Jake Paul.

That was the sole reason I came back to boxing, and I think he knows that and that's why he wants to avoid me. He knows as soon as I get to that goal that he's done and I have become victorious and my legacy will live on forever."

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