Errol Spence on talking to Terence Crawford about their 'potential' fight

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Errol Spence on talking to Terence Crawford about their 'potential' fight
Errol Spence on talking to Terence Crawford about their 'potential' fight (Provided by Sport World News)

Many people would like to see a fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. It is the hope of boxing fans that both of these great fighters will come to an agreement. During an interview with On The Rocks w/ AO, Errol Spence confirmed again how eager he is to fight Terence Crawford.

It has always been his goal to fight against the best fighters in the world. “I’m trying to fight the best competition out there. There’s a reason why I’m trying to fight Crawford, I’m a man of my word.

I’m not trying to fight anybody else but him. "- he said, as quoted by During the interview, he confirmed that he and Terence Crawford have been talking for some time, which may also mean that they will soon come to an agreement on this matter.

“Me and Crawford are definitely in talks. We’ve been talking, so hopefully it can be me and him. Yeah definitely. Me and Crawford, we’re talking directly."

Errol Spence and his talk with Crawford

Spence had an interesting conversation with his potential opponent.

There are obviously no 'sparks' between them, and they are friends outside the ring. “We actually were probably on the phone for 30 minutes, 40 minutes. We probably spent like 15 minutes talking about the negotiations part and stuff like that.

We were just talking about getting a feel for each other, basically talking our families and current situations we have going on, stuff like that." Given that the deal is moving in the right direction, we hope that the final agreement will be in the next few days or weeks.

That would be a real spectacle. Boxing fans are also optimistic, especially after such statements. “Then we started talking about boxing, us fighting, negotiations. It went well and our teams are still negotiating, we’re having talks. It’s going very well”.