Jake Paul Taking Shots at Conor McGregor: "Hide Behind Dana"

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Jake Paul Taking Shots at Conor McGregor: "Hide Behind Dana"
Jake Paul Taking Shots at Conor McGregor: "Hide Behind Dana" (Provided by Sport World News)

Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, has once again shaken the combat sports world with his announcement of a match against MMA veteran Nate Diaz. Despite the expectation of Paul finally transitioning to MMA after signing with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) at the start of the year and posting videos of his wrestling and BJJ training on social media, he will instead make his return to boxing.

Jake Paul’s Recent Defeat

Paul’s recent loss to Tommy Fury has left many wondering why he would choose to return to boxing instead of pursuing a career in MMA. However, this has not deterred Paul from setting his sights on bigger opponents.

Challenging Conor McGregor

In a recent Twitter post, Paul has challenged one of the biggest names in MMA, Conor McGregor. “I’m a better boxer than you, Connor, and will do what you couldn’t and knock Nate out.

After Nate, let’s box as the co-main event same night as Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano in Dublin. But since you’re not your own boss, you will hide behind Dana or just drink the rest of your life away. August 5th you will see,” Paul wrote on his Twitter profile.

McGregor, who has faced Diaz twice in the UFC with mixed results, has responded with a nonchalant attitude when asked if he'll watch the fight.

"I’ll probably be on the Lamborghini just off the coast of Sicily," McGregor said when asked if he would attend the fight.

Former UFC Champion McGregor’s Fight with Diaz

McGregor and Diaz’s two fights in the UFC were highly publicized, with Diaz scoring a submission victory at UFC 196 and McGregor avenging his loss with a majority decision in their rematch at UFC 202.

Jake Paul’s announcement of a match against Nate Diaz and his subsequent challenge to Conor McGregor have once again put him in the spotlight. Despite his recent loss to Tommy Fury, Paul’s confidence and determination to face the biggest names in combat sports are admirable.

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