Joe Joyce after losing to Zhilei Zhang: It’s like I couldn’t get away from him

"When you take risks, sometimes it doesn’t go your way"

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Joyce after losing to Zhilei Zhang: It’s like I couldn’t get away from him

Joe Joyce had an interesting match vs Zhilei Zhang. Although many expected this to be an easy challenge, Joyce had one of the toughest matches. After Joe Joyce's eye was swollen shut in the sixth round of his fight against Zhilei Zhang in London, referee Howard Foster stopped the fight after the advice of the ringside physician.

Joe Joyce was visibly worried about this defeat. It looked as if Joyce had booked victory in advance and underestimated his opponent. However, he is aware that he will have to work and try to come back stronger than ever. “Just getting hit by that left hand over and over.

It’s like I couldn’t get away from it. He was quick and he’s strong and powerful and experienced. Credit to him and his team for getting the win. When you take risks, sometimes it doesn’t go your way. I’m just disappointed, but I’ll be back.

It’s not the end of my journey. If I decide to rematch him next or whenever, I’ll be back. I’ll be reviewing my loss and seeing where I can make improvements and stuff, but yeah, just massively disappointed."- he said, as quoted by

Joe Joyce and his expectations before the match

As we have already said, Joyce expected that his opponent would be an easy challenge.

However, the speed, explosiveness, and aggressiveness of his opponent left him stunned. “I thought I’d get the win tonight, and sometimes — [chuckles] mate, sometimes it doesn’t go your way, and that’s what happened.

He just kept getting to my eye. I’m fine, I’m completely fine, but yeah — now it’s closed up, so I can’t see out of it now. It’s so disappointing when you get a loss, but I’ll be back.

I’ll just have to go back to the drawing board. I haven’t fought a southpaw for a long time, so I just need to look over the tape." Joyce wanted to continue the fight, but the doctors decided otherwise. “I thought I could have carried on.

I was taking his shots fine and stuff. It’s just unfortunate the eye closed up, but I’ll be back”.

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