Frank Warren: Joe Joyce would knock out Anthony Joshua

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Frank Warren: Joe Joyce would knock out Anthony Joshua
Frank Warren: Joe Joyce would knock out Anthony Joshua (Provided by Sport World News)

Frank Warren is not a huge fan of Anthony Joshua, as he believes that one of his boxers would be able to easily defeat the Briton in a fight between them. In addition, Warren is in agreement with the belief that Joyce would have handled Joshua very early and by knocking him out.

“I think Joe Joyce would knock him out,” Warren said, as quoted by “As soon as he catches him. He will walk through him”.

Joe Joyce vs Anthony Joshua

There will be a new challenge for Joyce in the form of Zhang Zhilei.

There are many people who believe that he will be able to take on the challenge with ease, and that he should already start thinking about what comes next. There is no point in writing anyone off, however, and it will be interesting to see what kind of resistance Zhile is capable of giving.

It was interesting to hear Warren's thoughts about the match with Zhilei as well as what Joyce may be able to achieve in the future. The idea of a Joshua vs Joyce match is one that Warren is interested in. In addition, Frank stated that Joe also wants to be able to have such an option in the future.

It will be interesting to see if these two great boxers will actually face each other in a fight. “I mean, they wanna pick up the phone and talk to us about that, we’ll do that immediately, if Joe comes through,” Warren said.

“Remember, Joe’s the interim champion, so he’s the gatekeeper to the mandatory [position], the WBO mandatory. He is the gatekeeper for that fight. So, if anybody wants it, they know what they’ve gotta do.

They’ve gotta fight him. And if Joshua wants to get himself into that position, we’ll gladly, gladly accommodate him for that. I can speak on behalf of Joe because Joe has told me he wants the fight”.

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