New troubles for Mike Tyson: here's what happens

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New troubles for Mike Tyson: here's what happens
New troubles for Mike Tyson: here's what happens (Provided by Sport World News)

Born in Brooklyn in 1966, Mike Tyson had a turbulent childhood before becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion in the 1980s, terrifying his opponents with his in-ring fury and phenomenal punching power. But after his prison sentence, he couldn't keep his titles.

In an infamous 1996 fight, Tyson bit off a chunk of his opponent Evander Holyfield's ear. Riven by depression and addiction, he continued to make headlines, most notably for a one-man show in which he detailed the many ups and downs of his life.

He recently jumped into the cannabis industry with his own brand of marijuana products. Now there is a new trouble for Tyson. A woman filed a civil complaint in early January in Albany County civil court in which she alleges that the former American boxing champion allegedly raped her inside a limousine in the early ' 90, near NYC.

And you're asking for five million dollars in damages. The alleged victim insisted on remaining anonymous because she fears being attacked by the media and all Tyson fans. The woman in New York state has filed a civil lawsuit against Mike Tyson, accusing the former boxing champion of raping her in a limousine in the early 1990s, court documents attest.

The woman, who asked the court to remain anonymous, filed her complaint in early January under a temporary New York State law that allows victims of se*ual assault to seek civil damages regardless of the terms of prescription.

Tyson spent three years in prison starting in 1992 after he was found guilty of raping model Desiree Washington, who was 18 at the time. In a brief affidavit dated Dec. 23, 2022, plaintiff says she met the boxer at a nightclub in the early 1990s, then followed him in her limousine, where she allegedly assaulted her before raping her.

"As a result of Tyson's rape, I have suffered and continue to suffer physical, psychological and emotional injuries," she said. She is seeking $5 million in damages.

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