Ryan Garcia on the fight with Gervonta Davis: This is the moment for both of us

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Ryan Garcia on the fight with Gervonta Davis: This is the moment for both of us

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia could be one of the best boxing matches. The fans have great expectations from this match, which will be held on April 22. “This could possibly be the biggest fight in a couple – like in over five years,” Davis told, as quoted by boxingscene.com Ryan Garcia described the match between him and Davis in a great way.

Both are in their 'prime' “I mean, if you look at boxing, the position it is [in] right now, it’s been hard to get prime fighters together, right? It’s usually too late or, you know, somebody’s way past their prime.

So, this is a moment that I think boxing has been longing for for a while. And it really is gonna test where boxing’s at, because you really can’t make a bigger fight than this. So, we’re really gonna see, you know, where boxing’s at.

They wanna say boxing’s dead. Well, we’re about to see it, right? And I feel like this is the moment for both of us. This is a defining moment in our careers. This is legacy, right? And I think boxing’s been longing for this.

We finally got it, right? Two prime fighters together, going at it, and this is the moment for both of us. Do we want it? Do we want the crown or not? That’s really what it’s about”.

Oscar De La Hoya on the match

Oscar De La Hoya believes that the match will be a real spectacle considering the quality of both fighters and their history.

“You know, as I was thinking about my comments today, one word that really comes to mind is megafight,” De La Hoya said. "You know, the word gets thrown around a lot, you know, when somebody hears about a pay-per-view is happening and taking place.

You know, there’s some boxing insiders who will call it a megafight, just because it’s on pay-per-view. But how often do you get two guys who are undefeated, two fighters who have huge fan bases, two fighters who are early in their peak of their career? And two guys that are represented by different companies, different broadcasters?"