Lomachenko fought Lopez with injury

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Lomachenko fought Lopez with injury

There were reports that Vasyl Lomachenko was fighting injured against Teofimo Lopez. Namely, information came from his camp that he was operated on shortly after the match and that he was actually injured and fought. It is the shoulder that caused him problems in the match against Jorge Linares, after which he was also operated on.

This time everything was done by the same doctor, but he did not deal with the Ukrainian only after the match. He says they had a serious situation before the match. A shoulder injury is something common that boxers face, but sometimes it can be very dangerous, so it is important to react adequately in these situations.

"In the last phase of preparation for the match, he had problems with his shoulder. In the end, it turned out that he seriously injured the rotator cuff of his shoulder and tore off a piece of cartilage, and we did not recognize it in time.

We knew that the bone was injured." It seems that it all happened in training, but that Lomachenko is as persistent as he has been so far in his career and did not want to stop him in such an important fight. He thought he was stronger than the injury " It was about six weeks before the match, and he was in a not-so-comfortable training condition.

He said he could continue, but there was no doubt that the same thing caused him pain during the match. After the match, on Monday night, we operated him, "said Lomachenko's doctor Dr. Neal ElAttrache for Yahoo Sports.

Egis Klimmas on injury

Lonmin's manager Egis Klimas added something else. Namely, he and Lomachenko's father Anatoly persuaded Vasyl to cancel the match, but he refused, threatening to retire if forced to do so. "We lost one whole week of training.

We lost one whole week of sparring because the doctor forbade him most things after injecting him with tissue," Klimas said. Lomachenko did not mention the injury before or after the match and the question is whether it would have happened if his team, ie the manager, and the mentioned doctor had not actually reacted.

How Lopez will react to this remains to be seen. In any case, Lopez is expected to deny his injury because he certainly thinks Lomachenko wants to justify the lost match. True or not, Lomachenko should not play with injuries and should take every injury seriously.

Because one injury can ruin an entire career and thus a return to the ring is questionable. For those who didn't know: In a recent match between Lopez and Lomachenko, the young Lopez achieved victory after the decision of the referees.