Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul: It's just the best feeling in the world

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Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul: It's just the best feeling in the world

Tommy Fury managed to defeat Jake Paul. The American finally experienced defeat in a match that had been talked about for a long time. On the other hand, Fury couldn't hide his happiness after the victory, and he almost got confirmation of what he expected.

“At the end of the day, he was very similar to what I watched on tape,” Fury said, as quoted by “He didn’t really do a lot but it was just everything. Don’t forget, I’m only 23 years old, the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight.

My Mrs. gave birth three weeks ago, it was a hell of a lot going on and I’m just happy I came out with my team, my dad and everybody else and we’re leaving with a win, we’re leaving with a belt. It’s just the best feeling in the world because over the past two and a half years, this is all that’s consumed my life.

Walking out in public, ‘you backed out of two fights, you’re scared of Jake Paul, you’re not a real fighter.’ Tonight, I showed everybody that I ain’t scared of no one and I can cut it at the big dance”.

Tommy Fury on the match

Fury believes that no one can tell him anything about his performance. “What can they say now? Me and Jake Paul fought in the ring. I came out the winner,” Fury said. “I landed clear, great shots, quality shots.

He threw a lot of shots but he also missed a lot of shots." Tommy believes that maybe he could have finished the match earlier, but even so, he is satisfied with what he did. “Listen, take nothing away from Jake Paul, he’s a good game, lad.

I’m pretty sure if we get it on again in the future, I’ll be able to stop him. I feel like in the fight, if I had pressed him a little bit more, I could have got him out of there but at the end of the day, what more can you ask for”.

Jake Paul