Anthony Joshua's new trainer laughed at the tactics against Usyk

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Anthony Joshua's new trainer laughed at the tactics against Usyk

Anthony Joshua's new trainer Derrick James commented on the match between Joshua and Usyk. He was surprised by Joshua's tactics and couldn't believe what they were doing. 'When I saw him in the Usyk fight, I thought, "What the heck is he doing?" I’m laughing,' - James told the DAZN Boxing Show, as quoted by Errol Spence and Frank Martin are also under the auspices of James.

It is interesting that Spence and Joshua train together and there is a great deal of respect between them. 'They’re good, they talk,' James said. 'Errol asks him a couple of questions. When Errol is hitting the bag, working out, AJ is watching him.

It’s like a mutual respect. That’s what most guys need to get to the next level or get that thing back that they had before. Even with Errol, he sees him doing some things, and they both work off each other. In the last four years, there’s been no gym with two unified champs, especially with an undisputed champ, especially with two champs period in the same gym.

Frank [Martin] is right there at #1 [at lightweight], so he’s right there to be inspired by all that stuff right there.'

Derick James and Anthony Joshua

James seems to know what he's doing. What is most important is that James believes that he can help Joshua.

We'll see what kind of work they do with him, but given James' experience, we have no doubts that it will be the right thing. 'I really took this job because I feel like I can help him. Everybody feels like they can help him, it’s all about strategies,' James said.

The initial things that you work on are things that are not even physical. You can’t even see it. It’s things that are really small, and you build from there. When you work on one thing in particular, everything blossoms behind that.

Spending time together, listening to him talk, and then filling those spaces that need to be filled.'

Anthony Joshua