Matt Brown on Jake Paul's decision to become an MMA fighter

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Matt Brown on Jake Paul's decision to become an MMA fighter

Jake Paul plans to become part of the MMA scene. It could happen soon. Matt Brown commented on Paul's idea. He believes that it will not be easy for Jake and that he must be aware of what he is getting into. “When Jake Paul comes to MMA, I think one thing he’s going to discover is these guys that he’s fought in these so-called boxing matches, for one, he fought all older guys,” Brown said on The Fighter vs.

The Writer. “I’m not going to call them washed up, but they weren’t boxers. They were older. These MMA guys, I know a lot of MMA fighters, even ones that aren’t good, and they’re f****** lions. They’re starving, blood-hungry lions.

It’s a different beast. There’s some beast boxers, too, but generally they’re athletes playing a skill game. When you get into MMA fighters, these guys are just savage, f****** beasts. They’re lions coming for blood.

It’s a different beast. These guys are savages. You can pick the right matchup and still lose. There’s so many different ways to lose. It’s just a different beast. ”- he said, as quoted by
Brown emphasized that "MMA fighters" are something completely different compared to everyone else.

“The type of people that choose this sport for a living are just a different animal all together,” Brown said. “We’ve seen it. How many times have we seen guys come over from different sports and excelled crazy at their sport and then they come to MMA [and struggled]— you’re just dealing with different animals all together.

These guys are savages”.

Boxing and MMA

Brown emphasized how huge the difference between boxing and MMA is. Both sports are martial arts, but MMA is something completely different compared to boxing. “I’m not sure what his whole plan is here,” Brown said.

“He was talking about he wanted to be a real boxer. You can’t train MMA and go box real boxers. You’re going up against guys that are only working their hands in boxing six, eight hours a day versus guys — if you’re training MMA — you’ve got to do jiu-jitsu, you’ve got to do wrestling, you’ve got do the clinch, you’ve got to do kickboxing and then you’ve got to do some boxing.

The sports are very, very different. I’m just not sure what his goal is. It’s cool if he wants to do MMA, but again, you’re in a different world now when you’re fighting MMA fighters — you’re in a world of f****** savages.

Not to say there’s not a lot of boxers out there that aren’t savages but there’s a lot more athletes that are great boxers than there are savages that are great boxers. There’s few and far between that have some of both.

In MMA, it’s kind of the opposite. There’s a lot of savage sons of b****** and then there’s a few at the top that kind of have both”.

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