Sergey Kovalev: Beterbiev will smash smash Anthony Yarde


Sergey Kovalev: Beterbiev will smash smash Anthony Yarde

Sergey Kovalev is optimistic about Artur Beterbiev's chances in the match against Anthony Yarde. Kovalev praised the quality of Beterbiev. “He’s very naturally strong and physically strong, and right now, he has a very big experience from amateur and more than ten fights in the pro and all by KO,” he said for RingIQ TV about Artur Beterbiev.

He thinks Yarde doesn't have what it takes to win this match. In the foreground is experience. Kovalev explained what his match against Yarde looked like and what influenced everything. “Anthony Yarde isn’t ready right now to fight Artur Beterbiev because he didn’t have a test like in real fights.

When he fought me, I was drained of energy because I lost a lot of pounds for the light heavyweight 34; I should have moved up to the next division because it’s not possible to make 175, and 2019 for me was the hardest year of my boxing career.

My first fight was scheduled for June and then rescheduled for August. That was three and a half years ago, and he [Yarde] got more experience for this fight, more physically in conditioning."

Artur Beterbiev

He believes that Artur will quickly solve this match based on his quality.

“I think it’s going to be an interesting fight, but in my opinion, Artur will smash smash him. I was in trouble when I fought Anthony Yarde. I was in trouble in round number seven or eight because I was drained of my energy by losing weight.

I lost more than 15 pounds for this fight. He couldn’t stop me. What I think so, Artur will finish him in the middle of the fight. It’s boxing. I’m interested in watching this too. In my opinion, Artur is naturally strong and mentally he has the background that is very, very big in two Olympic games, and world championship." However, he believes that many factors will affect the match.

He is optimistic that things will be resolved in the middle of the match. "He has big experience and mentally more older than Anthony Yarde. Not later than six. I think so, five, six. They’re both big, strong & smart. Therefore, it’s an interesting fight, but I think so, Beterbiev will smash him before the middle of the fight.

“Everything depends on set it up. If Artur is rating him enough and will be ready for the fight, yeah, I think it’s going to be a win for Artur. Also, if Anthony is going to be ready for this fight but mentally, it’s the most important to be ready mentally. If he can be ready mentally, he can show his big heart, but we’ll see."