Match between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi is postponed

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Match between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi is postponed

Badr Hari is positive for coronavirus and his match with Benjamin Adegbuy as well as the holding of the entire Glory 76 show has been postponed until further notice. For us, this news is especially important because on November 7 in Rotterdam, the best Croatian kick-boxer, as well as Harry's teammate - Antonio Plazibat, was supposed to perform as a participant in a big heavyweight tournament.

As soon as the news came with Badr's problems, Antonio contacted media with the most important news - he was fine and there are no symptoms Health is, of course, most important, but in Plazibat's voice one could feel disappointment because of the new situation, because it has been 10 months since we last saw him in action.

"They told me it was postponed. I don't know how long ..." Antonio, who is currently in the Netherlands, told to fightsite. "I will probably return to Croatia in a few days. I will continue with training and preparations.

I am waiting for all this to finally start and I hope that this will not last long. What is there, let's move on. What God decides it will be," Plazibat said who should be chasing the tournament finals through Nordine Mahieddine.

While the second semifinal pair, let us remind you, consists of Levi Rigters and Massinissa Hamaili, the French heavyweight who replaced Jahfarr Wilnis.

Glory on event

In an official statement, Glory confirmed and explained the postponement of the event: "The Dutch government announced last week that all sports competitions except professional football have been closed, and traveling to another country brings new logistical risks for athletes and their teams.

And that is something we have to handle carefully." "We cannot risk the health of 14 athletes, their teams, as well as Glory's employees who would work on the event. Therefore, we decided to postpone the event, and we recommend all our athletes to follow precautions about coronavirus and to be extra careful in preparing for the competition.

We will announce the new date as soon as possible, "he explained. And Harry also sent a message to fans via Instagram. "I have tested positive for coronavirus. I’m currently in Home quarantine and recovering well after a couple of days of sickness.
We took all the safety precautions around COVID-19 very seriously from the beginning of this pandemic but unfortunately this contamination occurred.

That shows us how seriously we have to take the virus.At this moment I need to rest and I will resume training as soon as possible." Harry wrote.