Joshua doesn’t know if Wilder is really leaving boxing or it’s part of the plan

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Joshua doesn’t know if Wilder is really leaving boxing or it’s part of the plan

What's going on with Deontay Wilder? The former world heavyweight champion withdrew and gave his statements, and after losing the title, he seems to have been left without the opportunity to try to return it to his ownership this year.

Although the ‘Bronze Bomber’ has long activated a contract clause guaranteeing him a third match with Tyson Fury, the ‘Gypsy King’ and his team recently reported that Wilder and his MPs have delayed the deal too much.

By doing so, Fury seems to be turning to a new opponent and then fighting to unite all the heavyweight titles. In parallel with their story, the one of the current WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO champion Anthony Joshua takes place.

'AJ' is preparing to defend belts, and on December 12, it will have challenger Kubrat Pulev on the opposite side.

Joshua on Wilder

Joshua has also been associated with Wilder for a long time, and when asked about the situation of his unsuspecting rival, the British knockout showed compassion.

"I don't know and I can't speak on behalf of others. But in my humble opinion, things change after defeat. You withdraw from the side ... The world is a cruel place. He or he is preparing a big plan - he is in the laboratory and with those glasses.

wear scientists study every Fury move, or sit on the edge of a lake with their head in their hands and think, 'What's going on?' "One minute you're on top of the world, and the next you're not. But that's the game we're playing," Joshua told Sky Sports.

After being stopped by a break in the seventh round in February, several excuses surfaced for Wilder’s defeat. From the overweight suit in which he walked to the ring, to the story of Fury's gloves ... Joshua also doesn't know why Wilder is silent and what he's actually up to.

Is it just a game of a great boxer or has he really decided to leave the world of boxing. We will soon find out if this is part of his plan or if this is true "Interesting to ask why he hasn't spoken yet? But when he does, then we'll know.

I don't want to guess why he's silent now, but I can't wait to hear his explanation for not fighting at the end of this year. What happened in that match and why lost? Was it a costume, were it gloves? It would be good to hear an explanation.I hope he comes back because he is a great addition to the heavyweight category.As with Dillian Whyte, I would love to know how he found the strength to get up ", concluded 'AJ'