Ben Shalom on the fight between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr


Ben Shalom on the fight between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr

Promoter Ben Shalom commented on the fight between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. Ben Shalom thinks this is a great opportunity for Smith, who is showing that he is a great boxer. "This is a big, big fight for him, he's had a wonderful career, he's done everything that he's dreamt of, but he's almost having an Indian summer," Shalom told Sky Sports.

"The past 12 months for him have been an amazing 12 months so people will have enjoyed watching him box. He's one of the most intelligent boxers I would say in British boxing at the moment and he feels that this is a fight ready-made for him and this is the fight that he wanted.

Ben Shalom on the fight

Shalom did not underestimate his opponent, who will certainly do his best to win. It is difficult to estimate who is the favorite in this match. "Liam is a big guy, he'll be more than comfortable at that weight, it's a weight I think he feels more comfortable at now so it's a serious fight and Eubank will be glad that he can fight at his chosen weight as well.

I really believe the real boxing fans know that's a real 50-50 fight, it could go either way. Liam as I say is an extremely smart fighter. One thing's for sure, they're both come-forward fighters and it's going to be explosive from round one.

Delighted that we're going to see it. Ben believes that this match will be one of the better ones, considering the names that will be in the ring. "This is a real fight, this is a boxing fans' fight. This is two big names in the sport.

Liam Smith former world champion and has achieved things I think Eubank will want to achieve in the next year or two. So I think it's the perfect fight at the right time."