Teofimo Lopez won against Vasyl Lomachenko!

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Teofimo Lopez won against Vasyl Lomachenko!

What many assumed could happen now is actually happening. Vasyl Lomachenko was greeted in the ring by a boxer who could match his speed and automatically found himself in trouble. In fact, not only in trouble, but he suffered an unexpected defeat for many, clean and without any doubt.

He failed to take the match in his favor in which he simply started doing what he did best too late. The 23-year-old Lopez very quickly managed to set a distance that suits him and at the expense of long hands, he failed to allow the Ukrainian almost anything for the first two rounds.

Lopez read his movement and thus countered him, and with his front direct he worked hard enough to unquestioningly take the first two sections. We saw just a little more than Lomachenko in the third and fourth rounds, but still, his young opponent was the one who scored more and more concretely.

Lopez looked calm and composed, aware that everything was going exactly according to his plan. Superior movement, a sense of how Lomachenko would move, limb length, and stroke selection was what he presented at the start of the match.

The more open action started from the fifth round when they both became more open, and thus easier targets, so the shots found their target. But again, we failed to see from Lomachenko his famous lightning series and exits and blows from unexpected angles.

Lopez read all this very well and managed to counter most of the attacks. Already slowly frustrated, Lomachenko began to enter uncontrollably into attacks that suited Teofim, and the boxer from Brooklyn had a convincing advantage in the middle of the match.

Second part

Only in the second part of the match did Lomachenko manage to do what he does best. Lopez was already more tired and that certainly suited the Ukrainian who is starting to score more and more. After a very even seventh, eighth, and ninth rounds, the tenth and 11th, Lomachenko did perhaps the most dominant in the whole match.

But with that, it was as if he woke up his opponent, who in the last round raised his performance and again brilliantly controlled the distance. In the last minute, Lomachenko moves on all or nothing, Lopez accepts the action and comes to a real cannonade of blows, but they both greeted the gong firmly on their feet.

Teofimo Lopez became the new WBO, WBA, IBF, and The Ring lightweight champion, with referee cards scoring 116-112, 119-109, and 117-111 in his favor. So, according to one judge, he took eight, according to one nine, and according to one 11 rounds, but that last scoring is absolutely unrealistic.

Lomachenko was better in the second half of the match, but he did not manage to annul the unrecognizably passive approach in the first six rounds and the insufficient closing of the match. Lopez now lacks only the WBC belt for the position of absolute champion, which is with Devin Haney and whom he will defend on November 7.