Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez: Who will win the title?

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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez: Who will win the title?

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, at six o'clock in the morning according to our time, Vasil Lomachenko (Ukraine) and Teofimo Lopez (USA) will meet in Las Vegas. They will fight for the WBA, WBO and Ring Magazine belts, which are owned by Lomachenko, and the IBF version, owned by Lopez, lightweight.

Lomachenko is the favorite, but the taller, longer and undefeated American should never be written off. Lopez recorded as many as twelve of his 15 victories with a break. It is important to note that Lomachenko has one defeat in his career, but the boxing public, despite the official score, does not admit that defeat, because the decision of the referees in Lomachenko's second professional match was at least controversial.

Vasyl Lomachenko has one of the most impressive careers in amateur boxing - 396 victories and only one defeat. And he avenged that one defeat several times. Many gold medals at European and world championships and most importantly - as many as two Olympic gold medals (2008 and 2012) in two different weight categories (lightweight and lightweight).

When Lomachenko became a professional, he did not waste time, but from the very beginning he had fights with the best fighters in the world, and already in the third match, he grabbed the first world title of the WBO version in the lightweight category.

Technically, it is already ranked among the best of all time and is first on the list of most P4P (pound for pound) rankings.

Anatoly Lomachenko

The work of his legs brought him the nickname "Matrix" He once said that his footwork originated from Ukrainian folklore, which his father made him want to make progress in that segment.

Anatoly Lomachenko, Vasil's father, is one of the most respected Ukrainian and world boxing coaches. Currently, in addition to his son, he trains the undefeated champion of all prestigious titles in all versions of the cruiser category - Oleksandr Usik (there will be a text about him, follow Mozzart Sport), who recently climbed to the heavyweight category and will soon fight Derek Chizor for the first challenger.

It can not be said that Lomachenko has the strength to send his opponent to sleep from one blow, but with the culmination of the blows, he forces world champions, Olympic medal winners and the best boxers in the lightweight and lightweight categories to surrender.

He has a very high volume of beats per minute and incredible movement, even those who do not understand boxing at all are impressed by Lomachenko's performances in the ring. Although this is primarily a "Loma show", we should not forget that his opponent Lopez is an extremely dangerous boxer and will not appear in Las Vegas as a tourist.

He is a fighter with an impressive summary and great punching power. In his last appearance, Lopez defended the IBF title by technical knockout against the very dangerous Ricardo Comey. The match on the night between Saturday and Sunday will be a real treat for all boxing fans, so we recommend that you wind the clock if you haven't already.