Johnny Nelson on Anthony Joshua: I think he should take a year off

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Johnny Nelson on Anthony Joshua: I think he should take a year off

Anthony Joshua is not happy with himself after the defeat he experienced. However, this does not prevent him from continuing to train. Joshua wants to show what kind of boxer he is. Johnny Nelson thinks Joshua needs to take a break.

'AJ is at the crossroads now where he's going to different trainers, and then he said, "I might take a year off". I think he should take a year off,' said Nelson, as quoted by 'I think he should sit back, reset, spend time at many, many gyms, training, submerse himself in it, feel comfortable with it and say, "Now I've reset, now I can do this".'

Johnny Nelson on Anthony Joshua

Nelson did not forget to praise Joshua and all that he has achieved in his career. However, Nelson is aware of the impact his defeats against Usyk had on him. 'Look at what he's achieved. He started boxing when he was 18 years old,' Nelson said..

'He's achieved ridiculously good things, but he's still broken. He's still not over the two losses from Usyk. He still has got to get his strength back, his belief back. AJ, he needs to reset. He needs to think, "I need to be back here again".

He needs his motivation to fight, and he needs them for the right reasons because it's not for the dollars. He has more money than you and I will ever spend.' Nelson also mentioned Chisora as an example. 'He’s got to do this because he wants to do this because he has a purpose to do this.

He doesn’t just what to make up the numbers. These are the things that are coming into play right now. Derek [Chisora] is going out there entertaining everybody, but getting his head smashed in. It’s to the point where even the fans are saying, "Oh God".